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National Training Framework - Group 2

National Training Framework - Group 2

This section provides everything that you need to know about Group 2 of the National Training Framework.

Target Audience

Aimed at: Professionals who are likely to be in jobs where violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence is an issue for their client group. This would include people treating or working with someone as a result of violence and abuse.

For example, this would include professionals like doctors, nurses, those working in social care, those supporting people with mental health issues or homelessness officers.

Group Outline

The training will ensure individuals can:

  • recognise the signs that someone is being abused
  • talk to that person sensitively (if appropriate) 
  • offer options and services to them quickly and efficiently.

The Welsh Government call this package of action – ‘Ask and Act’.  If done well, ‘Ask and Act’ provides opportunity for service providers to provide help to people affected by violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence sooner.

Training in this area is only available through the Welsh Government and is currently being piloted.  It will be rolled out nationally from 2016-2017.  

If you would like to know more about “Ask and Act” please contact the Welsh Government Violence against Women and Domestic Abuse team:


As resources are developed, they will be available on this page.

Policies & Guidance

Find relevant guidance and information on the VAWDASV Act.

Find out more


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Guidance for practitioners and managers on how to ‘Ask and Act’.

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