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What will happen if I call the Modern Slavery Helpline?

What will happen if I call the Modern Slavery Helpline?

If you call the Modern Slavery Helpline, your call will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively.

Anyone with concerns that a child or adult is a victim of slavery can contact this helpline. We also welcome calls from victims seeking help  and  practitioners seeking professional advice.

All calls are confidential and are taken by staff that are highly experienced and fully trained. You will be listened to, believed and offered help and support. You will not be judged or blamed and you don’t have to be ready to take any action.

If it is necessary to share information with other agencies, this would only be done with your full consent. The exceptions to this are if your life was in immediate danger or if there was a child at risk. In these circumstances, the authorities would be informed to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your children.

The Modern Slavery Helpline number will not show up on your telephone bill.

The Helpline is run by the NSPCC and  wholly funded by the Home Office.

What will I be asked?

The first consideration will be whether you are in immediate danger and if it is safe for you to speak. Safe arrangements may be made to call you back if you have to end  the call.

Helpline staff will then listen to why you are calling, and will respond to your needs. Whatever the need for the call, and whatever the outcome, Helpline support workers will help you to identify ways in which you can access help and support and increase the safety of you and your children irrespective of what choices you may be making about your relationship.

The Helpline may:

  • refer people (with or without children) to emergency safe accommodation
  • refer you to face-to-face support via a local support service
  • listen to you and offer emotional support.


The Helpline provides support in English. We are also a member of Language Line, and can provide access to an interpreter for callers with language support needs. The Helpline support worker arranges a three-way conversation so that the caller can speak to the Helpline worker through a translator.  

The Helpline also offers BT Type talk for callers with hearing difficulties.

Call the Modern Slavery helpline on:

0800 0121 700

(Lines are open 24 hours a day and are free from landlines and most mobile phones)


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